The Incredible Summer of 2019 Drum Challenge

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Hey, everyone! I want to personally challenge you this summer to learn to play the drums. It's currently June 2019, but imagine how you can be sounding on those drums of yours by September! (Or even August or July!) I promise, with a little instruction from me and a bit of practice on your part, you can be sounding absolutely amazing!

And so I challenge you today to make an impact this summer. Do something new this summer -- learn how to play the drums, and let's do it together!

This summer I want to partner with you; I want to coach you and help you gain confidence on the drums. I want you to be able to play in time, to play along with other music. And I want you to have fun!

So here's what I'm offering:

1 - You get an incredible deal on my month-long drum course

2 - You get a FREE pair of custom drum sticks!

3 - You get at least 3 live coaching calls (one each in June, July and August)

This is an incredible deal, worth over $350 altogether. But as a part of this challenge, I'm offering this for only $98 -- and it's only for the summer. Don't delay! If you wait until July, you'll miss the June coaching call.

As soon as you sign up, you get immediate access to my full drum course (normally priced at $197). You'll be notified when the live coaching calls will be held. And as an added bonus, I will mail you a pair of my custom drum sticks. This is an awesome deal and I want you to be equally awesome on the drums!

Sign Up Today for only $98

Have questions? Just email me and I'll get back to you right away.

- Ian