How long does it really take to learn something?

In reality, can you ever MASTER something? As human beings, do we ever get there? "There" being that point of absolute perfection. I think you would probably agree with me that as human beings, we probably never reach a point where we stop learning, stop growing, stop trying to achieve.

(And as an aside, I don't want to live with regrets. When I reach an age somewhere in the distant future when I'm sitting with buddies from old, I want to reminisce. I don't want to regret. I want to reminisce.)

So, then, when can we say that we've mastered something? Or, to put it in more simpler terms, when can we say that we've finally learned how to do something? It's an open question that I don't necessarily have an answer for today. But I do have a proposition.

I recently posted an ad on Facebook for my 3 day course on how to play the drums. I got so many nay-sayers, so many haters on that ad. Here I was, just trying to offer a simple solution for someone who simply wants to learn the drums. That's it. I wasn't claiming to give any potential student the secret to playing the drums on a stage filled with other amazing musicians. I was simply offering help on a very basic level. (Not to mention, I was offering it for free!) But I was getting all kinds of hater comments. The nay-sayers were writing comments like "don't believe this ad -- I've been playing the drums for 40 years and you can't learn in 3 days". And others were saying things like "I'm sorry, but this kind of advertising doesn't work".

But back to my proposition. I believe that you CAN learn the basics of any trade and I believe it doesn't take 40 years to learn the basics, to know how to do something simple, and to do it well for that matter. And so that's my thinking behind my free 3 day mini-course on how to learn the drums. I don't make any promises. I know for a fact that you're not going to be on tour any time soon. But I do know that you can learn the basics, you can learn at a very basic level what it means to keep time. And I believe, with the right teacher or coach, you can be an awesome drummer in a small amount of time. And that was my thinking behind my mini-course.

But I wanted to break it down even further. I know we can do this in 3 days but what about 3 minutes?! At an extremely basic level, yes, I believe I can give you enough information in 3 minutes to push you to start, to start the momentum. But ultimately, it's up to you to keep that momentum going, to keep playing, to keep learning, to keep achieving, to keep growing. I can't do that for you; I can only do that for myself.

And so I posted this video on YouTube video -- Learn to Play the Drums in Just 3 Minutes

I would love it if you let me know what you think! Share your comments below.

And just in case you were curious, here's the free 3 day mini-course I mention above:

Learn The Drums in 3 Days

(It's still free and it's still enjoyed by many students who are starting from scratch!)